Limited Liability Company “DB-WOOD” is located in Ivano-Frankivsk oblast, Ukraine.
The company was founded in 2010, its total area is 25 000 m2, area of production facilities – 7 000 m2.
The company is specialized on production of rotary-cut veneers of soft and coniferous wood, saw timber and fuel briquettes.
LLC “DB-WOOD” has own wood processing facilities that are periodically modernized.

LLC “DB-WOOD” is a part of DASTAS&BIZON, a big Turkish group of plywood manufacturers.

DASTAS LTD covers the area of more than 30 000 m2, production facilities – 10 000 m2. The company manufactures laminated and non-laminated plywood of prime quality.

BIZON LTD covers the area of more than 70 000 m2, production facilities – 14 000 m2 and is specialized on production of laminated plywood, door panel, solid wood laminated board, mortised board, solid wood door panel, thermally modified wood.

The group of plywood manufacturers DASTAS, BIZON, DB-WOOD is recognized as an experienced group of companies with 45 years of expertise in wood processing industry seeking to provide their clients with high quality production on the markets of Ukraine, Europe and Asia.